Using Jojoba Oil Helps Save Whales

Every day, hundreds of whales are hunted and killed, both illegally and legally just for their oils they contain. The sperm whale especially was almost hunted down to extinction until a ban was enforced on the hunting of the hunting of sperm whales in 1972. Even with the ban, the sperm whales are still continuously being hunted down for their oils and are at the verge of extinction. This oil is used for various purposes, mainly in cosmetic products like perfumes or merely to lubricate machinery parts. Ask yourself this – would you want a whale killed just to make you a small bottle of perfume or even to lubricate your rusty bicycle chains?

Endangered whale being hunted for their oils

A few decades ago, a perfect substitute was found for the whale oils. In many ways, it is actually superior to whale oils and can be easily obtained without hunting down animals. This is the jojoba oil. Jojoba oil and whale oils, or more commonly known as spermaceti, are almost identical to each other and since jojoba oil is similar in composition to the skin sebum, it is extremely beneficial to the skin compared to whale oils. This is why it is so commonly used in cosmetic products today. No other compound can mimic the sebum’s action on the skin so closely besides jojoba oil.

As already explained in the Home page, jojoba oil is extracted from seeds of the jojoba plant and is 100% natural. When compared with the whale oils, jojoba oil comes directly from plants and doesn’t require anything to be killed to obtain it. When oil is harvested from the seeds, the plant continues to grow and can live for over a hundred years, continuously producing jojoba oil as it ages. It requires very little effort to grow, can live in extremely harsh conditions and is widely regarded as the most eco-friendly and safe ingredients in cosmetic products. Using jojoba oil lowers the demand of the inferior whale oils and can help save many, many whales.

In fact, jojoba oil is proving to be so useful it’s finding its way into the automobile industry. It has already been tested and proven that jojoba oil can greatly increase the efficiency of gasoline and is constantly being used as a main ingredient in a multitude of skin products like makeup, lotions and moisturizers. A little bottle of jojoba oil can last you a long time.

Unfortunately, using jojoba oil won’t completely stop whale hunting as there are still many unscrupulous hunters out there who still kill whales for their meat and other parts, but you can be assured that you’re not contributing to the deaths of beautiful whales whose species are almost extinct. As time goes on, more and more people will switch over to jojoba oil and eventually people will understand that whale oils are no longer in demand and hopefully whale hunting will completely come to a grinding halt in the years to come.