Treating Diaper Rash

One day, you will take your baby to the diaper changing station and you will be faced with the dreaded red and irritated skin of diaper rash. This is not a sign that you are not doing a good job. It is very common and almost impossible to avoid. Treating diaper rash can be difficult and ineffective in many cases. This is because some babies have skin that is sensitive to the lotions made for the treatment of this skin irritation. Also, many “treatments” are really just soothing ointments that treat the uncomfortable symptoms rather than treating the rash itself.

Diaper rash has two main categories. It can either be caused by a skin infection, for the treatment of which you need to consult a doctor, or irritation resulting from abrasion and prolonged contact with urine. In this article we are going to talk about the second and more common type. If this treatment is ineffective, I suggest consulting a doctor.

Using jojoba oil to treat basic diaper rash is effective and not as messy as other creams, salves or lotions. Jojoba oil does not leave an oily feeling on the skin and is readily absorbed by the body so you won’t have your baby slipping and sliding all over the diaper changing station while you try change them. This also means that your baby will be more comfortable with the treatment and won’t feel like a sticky, oily mess.

The reason that jojoba oil is so easily absorbed by the skin is because it chemically resembles an oil that naturally occurs in our skin, which is known as sebum. This means that the use of jojoba oil will prevent and treat any skin condition that is a result of a lack of the natural oils in the skin. Most rashes that are not a result of some kind of infection or allergic reaction can be soothed and treated with jojoba oil.