Jojoba Oil – The Superior Vegetable Oil

This is to sum up all the various benefits of jojoba oil and what makes it such an ideal oil for all of us. Please do take a look at our other pages to know more specifically about how jojoba oil works.

Jojoba oil is widely regarded as the superior oil amongst all the common oils used today and there are many good reasons for this. More and more people are learning the benefits of using jojoba oil and its popularity is certainly increasing as we see jojoba oil making increasingly frequent appearances in various health products today like sunscreens and moisturizers.  Why? One of the major factors in this oil’s popularity is that it is the most stable of all the oils and doesn’t get rancid like most of the others do when in kept at room temperature. This allows jojoba oil to be stored for an extended period of time, even at high temperatures.

It is used in many applications such as dealing with dry skin, hair loss, athlete’s foot, acne, warts and canker sores.   It even helps those who constantly suffer from more common skin conditions like rashes, rosacea and eczema.  Its antimicrobial properties help in discouraging the growth of bacteria that is harmful to the skin, thus giving it a healing property that other oils simply don’t have. Its fast acting effect is notably amazing when used as a disinfectant for the skin.

Jojoba MealMore and more evidence obtained from researchers studying this amazing oil supports the notion that the chemical composition and structure closely matches the human skin’s natural sebum, explaining why it makes such a good moisturizer for our skin when mixed with other products or applied directly.  It can be put on the skin without the pore-clogging effects some moisturizers have and it is soothing and has been a great treatment for acne because of its famous non-clogging properties. In fact, it is so good that it even works great at fading acne scars.

Although jojoba is called an oil, it is actually a liquid wax which has many soothing and healing properties associated with it.   It is similar to coconut oil and is believed to have some anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Another reason why jojoba oil is deemed as superior to other oils is because of its rapid rate of absorption into the skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy film on your body like other oils do when applied or make you feel oily and dirty. However if you use too much it can leave a shine on the skin, so just be sure to use moderate amounts.

It’s used in the production of certain antibiotics, as a mechanical lubricant and to treat powdery mildew, and more.  Defatted jojoba meal (fine jojoba seed particles which are crushed) which is a byproduct of the oil’s production has been frequently used to stop radiator leaks.

With so many uses, both cosmetic and industrial, it’s no wonder that this oil is such a valuable asset to us. There are home remedies for almost every ailment of the skin and hair that involves the use of jojoba oil, and can be found easily everywhere – whether online or offline. Pure, one-hundred percent jojoba oil can be expensive, especially if it is organic but since a few drops of it goes a long way, it’s definitely worth trying it out and its value is worth every single penny.  Whether you have as skin conditions such as rosacea, acne or stretch marks, or hair problems such as hair loss or dry hair, you will definitely find jojoba oil to be a must-have for a natural and efficient cure.