Jojoba Oil Reviews And Testimonials

Amazing for my skin

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It’s now been almost half a year since I’ve decided to start taking Accutane for my acne. It keeps my skin moisturized extremely well despite the strong dryness effect which Accutane causes. A few drops mixed with my moisturizer usually does the trick and keeps my skin hydrated all day long. It also soothes and calms redness caused by acne scars and has this amazing cooling effect. So far, I love it!

Super soothing!

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I've been using jojoba oil for the past month now and it does an amazing job at moisturizing my skin and controls flakes really well. I had redness from previous acne and jojoba oil calmed them down and caused them to be less noticeable. So far I've seen some improvement in my acne and it does a good job at controlling my sebum output. I have a less oily face now! Bottom line - great oil and I love it!

Phenomenal product

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I've noticed that each time I apply jojoba oil on my face, less sebum is produced and my face is less shinier. In a way I guess it helps to balance out my sebum production and kills two birds in one stone, keeping it moisturized and preventing it from clogging any pores at the same time. It's also considerably cheap compared to the other products out there that promises the same thing. Will continue to use it 🙂
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