Other Jojoba Oil Benefits

Jojoba Oil Other BenefitsShaving Prep or Aftershave

Applying jojoba oil before shaving helps make the skin soft and easy to work with while preventing any razor burns. Can also be applied after shaving to soothe and calm skin down and provides excellent cooling effect. Jojoba oil is also ideal for those with sensitive skin, especially after shaving since it is not an irritant.

Body moisturizer

You can also use jojoba oil to other parts of the body besides the face. It acts as a powerful moisturizer and doesn’t evaporate. Also great for preventing flaky skin. Use it after a shower to get maximum absorption.

For use on cuts and bruises

Because of its strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, you can use jojoba oil on cuts and bruises as well. It also calms down redness and helps the skin heal faster.

Bathing oilJojoba oil can be used as a bathing oil

You can 10-20 drops and mix it with water for use as bathing oil. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients, especially vitamin E which helps give you an overall healthy skin. The soothing and calming effect gives you a refreshing bath and gets dissolves away any dirt stuck in the pores of your skin easily. You’ll end up being squeaky clean and still stay moisturized, unlike other body soaps that strip away the moisture from our skin.

Sexy lip gloss or lip balmHealthy lips

Jojoba oil can last longer than most conventional lip balm simply because it’s not water based and doesn’t evaporate out. Its long lasting and strong moisturizing effects helps dry lips feel soft and tender. Just put a few drops on your finger and smudge it around the lips. It also gives a natural shine, which makes you lips look healthy and sexy.

Make up remover

Jojoba oil doesn’t clog your pores, is not an irritant and does not cause allergic reactions which makes it perfect for removing makeup since it doesn’t irritate the sensitive area around the eyes. It removes all types of makeup easily and helps re-moisturize the area and floods it with nutrients since makeup dries out the skin and contains many unwanted chemicals. Jojoba oil being from natural sources with no chemicals added is also a big plus.