Using Jojoba Oil As A Massage Oil

Jojoba oil glides on the skin easily

There are so many different types of massage oils out there but each of them serves a specific purpose and benefits you differently. There are even blended oils resulting from the mixing of two or more different oils. However, not all oils out there are beneficial for massages. Some oils may leave you feeling uncomfortable after the massage by producing a very greasy feeling or even cause an allergic reaction, resulting in red spots all over your skin. Worse, some oils oxidize so easily that they go rancid in hours, giving you a very unpleasant smell. Some oils are purely just not meant to be used as massage oils too. Despite all that, there is one oil that does the job well enough to deserve the title “the best massage oil out there“. This is obviously, the jojoba oil.  Why? If you’re read the previous pages, you should have some idea.

 Ideal absorption rate and properties

Jojoba oil is  easily absorbed, but not too quickly, by the skin. This means that it is absorbed at an optimum rate and thus prevents continuous application of the oil.
Its soothing properties leave your skin feeling refreshed and energized after the massage. If you’ve previously had any cuts or rashes on your back, it will definitely speed up the recovery process and make your wounds a lot less uncomfortable.

Light and easy

Jojoba oil is naturally light and non greasy. No, oil and grease are two completely separate things. Its slippery nature allows your therapist to spread and massage your skin easily.

Mineral-rich and stable

Light and easy oilBesides that, as stated on the acne page, jojoba oil has a very high Vitamin E content compared to other typical oils and is antioxidant in nature. This vitamin and other minerals found in the oil keep the skin healthy and helps it resist infections better and more effectively. One more substance jojoba oil contains is called oleic acid, which is one of the essential building blocks for a healthy skin.
The long shelf life of jojoba oil is also a good choice if you don’t go for regular massages or need to store it for a long time and it is this property that prevents jojoba oil from going rancid so quickly. In fact, it is one of the most stable oil because it rarely oxidizes. This means you will not smell bad even if you don’t shower immediately after your massage, unlike other oils.


Since jojoba oil is hypoallergenic, it will not trigger any sort of allergic reactions and is basically safe to use on all types of skin, whether sensitive or not. This makes it particularly useful for those who have allergies to other commonly used oils such as the nuts in sweet almond oil.
The price is also cheap compared to other “exclusive” oils which provide the same benefits or less than the jojoba oil but at a higher price.If you have back acne, jojoba oil is the perfect solution for you as it is non-comedogenic. Since it does not clog pores and effectively gets rid of acne, you’re killing two birds with one stone, enjoying the health benefits of a massage and also treating your acne.
A recent study performed found that jojoba oil caused a major improvement in the health of the epidermal layer of the skin.

So the next time you want to go on a massage, you can tell your therapist to use jojoba oil knowing all the powerful and healthy benefits it can offer.