Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth

Jojoba oil’s chemical structure enables it to penetrate the scalp and hair follicles in order to protect both skin and hair from things such as shampoos, conditioners, hair appliances, and styling products. Jojoba oil cleanses the scalp and the hair shaft, removing any buildup of the aforementioned substances. This is important because sebum, the oil that the body produces as a moisturizer for skin and hair, can be hindered by the buildup caused by everyday activity. Jojoba is actually one of the best substances for hair and skin treatments because it is similar to sebum and is easily absorbed by the skin and hair.

Jojoba is typically used as a hot oil treatment; it is common practice to mix other hair-rejuvenating oil in with it, such as coconut, almond, or tea tree oils. Some may also find it beneficial to mix jojoba oil in with their normal hair conditioner to give it a boost of moisturizer.

Split ends and breaking hair

Dry hair is more prone to breaking, more vulnerable to damage, and more likely to have split ends that its well-moisturized counterpart. Undernourished hair follicles weaken hair and cause it to fall out prematurely. Using jojoba hot oil treatments helps to seal moisture into the shaft, keeping it from becoming too dry and brittle and, therefore, less prone to breaking. This allows hair to grow longer and fuller because more hair strands stay intact and healthy.

While jojoba hot oil treatments cannot remove split ends (only a hair trim will do that), they can seal them, which prevents further breakage and damage.

Stimulating hair growth

A hot jojoba oil treatment massaged into the scalp can do wonders for hair that seems to refuse to grow. Clogged hair follicles are often one cause of slow-growing hair, a problem with which jojoba oil can help, due to its cleansing abilities. Additionally, scalp massage stimulates blood flow, which can also promote hair growth.

Dull and frizzy hair

Jojoba oil is also renowned for its effects on hair that grown dull and lifeless or hair that is prone to frizziness. Its unique smoothing and shining capabilities can leave hair feeling soft and sleek and looking incredibly shiny and healthy.