Curing Cradle Cap Naturally With Jojoba Oil

Cradle CapCradle cap is a very common condition that affects more than 50% of all newborn babies. Symptoms are usually a very dry, scaly scalp or even a mild rash on the scalp which may cause discomfort, although it is not usually itchy. It can appear in other places as well besides the scalp, although rare. Most parents don’t even know their baby is suffering from cradle cap until they notice rough flakes coming from their scalp. Cradle cap tends to persist well into later childhood if not treated well and therefore should be taken seriously.

There a wide range of treatments available for this condition which includes the application of antifungal shampoos, specially formulated lotions and petroleum jelly. However, most of these are not suitable for use on newborn babies as they are too harsh and will cause mild or in some cases, severe irritation. The best natural alternative would be to use organic jojoba oil. Many parents and doctors around the world have reported that jojoba oil is extremely effective in both treating and preventing cradle cap on newborn babies and even adults.

Most parents mistake a fungal infection on the scalp as cradle cap. However, since jojoba oil is also antifungal, so you can basically take a guess without going to a doctor and still hit home.

Curing it naturally and safely

Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic, which means that it will not cause any allergic reaction. This is an important property of jojoba oil, especially for babies for obvious reasons. Jojoba oil works by dissolving the dry, patchy crusts caused by cradle cap and loosening dried flakes, making them easier to remove. It also deeply moisturizes the scalp at the same time which protects it from further irritation.  You can fully rid your baby or yourself from cradle cap in a week with a daily application of jojoba oil.  You should take extra care when applying it on your baby’s.
Below are the recommended steps you should take when applying jojoba oil on your baby’s scalp.


1.  Use a few drops of jojoba oil and apply it on your baby’s scalp. Gently massage the oil into the affected areas for 5 minutes, making sure that it is properly absorbed.
2.  Leave it on for about 2 hours for maximum absorption and for the jojoba oil to work its way through the scalp. Then use a soft brush and gently brush the scalp in a small, circular motion to loosen the scales. Make sure you do not use a hard, rough brush as it will irritate your baby’s scalp.
3.  During brushing, the scales should come right off easily and without any pain because of the jojoba oil. Do not try to force out or peel flakes that are still stuck to the scalp as it might hurt the baby.
4.  Next, use a comb to comb out the loosened flakes and scales. This should be the most challenging part and may take some time.
5.  Once you’re sure you’ve gotten rid of most of the flakes, shampoo your baby’s scalp with a gentle shampoo and wash out the remaining oil and small flakes thoroughly.

Jojoba oil has proven itself to be very effective in treating cradle cap. It’s inexpensive and a small bottle should suffice to completely cure the condition. However, if the condition still persists, see a doctor immediately.