Can The Jojoba Oil Be Used For Cooking?

Jojoba Oil CookingThe jojoba oil is an edible oil rich in all sorts of vitamins and minerals which is what causes its dense physical appearance. It is literally saturated in them, which is why so many industries today can find so many uses for it. There are even refined and organic jojoba oil currently for sale, similar to the cooking grade categories of other famous cooking oils such as the olive oil. The jojoba oil can also withstand high temperatures without dissociating.

So, can the jojoba oil be used for cooking? The short answer is yes, but it isn’t recommended to do so at all. The different categories and grade of the jojoba oil sold today are only meant for external and topical applications and not for consumption. Its use in the culinary industry remains limited because it is expensive compared to other mainstream cooking oils due to its limited production rate.

When consumed, the jojoba oil will not provide any calories because it cannot be digested by our body but instead act as a lubricant for our digestive system. This means that all of its nutritious content will remain in the oil, making it practically useless for us. People looking to control their calorie intake are using it as a diet oil since it does not provide any calories. However, taking in too much of the jojoba oil will cause steatorrhea, a condition where excess fats appear in the stools. If at all you decide to use the jojoba oil as a cooking oil, make sure you use the organic and pure version of it to avoid consuming impurities or other artificial compounds. Also, take small and controlled amounts of the jojoba oil to avoid steatorrhea.

Although its use today in the culinary industry remains limited, jojoba oil continues to thrive in other industries due to its versatility and medicinal properties.