Jojoba Oil for Acne

How jojoba oil effectively treats acne

Structure of the skinWhat? How can an oil help treat acne? Isn’t the oil on our skin the reason we’re suffering from acne in the first place? Well, if you recall from the jojoba oil overview page, jojoba oil isn’t actually an oil, but a wax ester and is very similar in structure and chemical properties to sebum, but doesn’t clog pores like sebum does.

A prevalent theory to why jojoba oil is so effective in treating acne is because since it is so similar to sebum, it tricks the skin into believing that it has already produced enough. This way, the production of sebum decreases and  balances out and so does acne. Over time you will be left with a less oily face, but equally moisturized and protected and more importantly, no further clogging of pores.

Cleansing the face before applying jojoba oilAnother reason why it treats acne so efficiently is because of its antibacterial properties. It kills the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is widely believed to cause further inflammation of acne. In addition to that, some people might also mistake acne for fungal infections on the skin, like pityrosporum folliculitis as their symptoms closely resemble each other. They both produce inflamed or non inflamed bumps on the skin. However, jojoba oil is also antifungal, and can act as a powerful fungicide, strong enough to kill mildew. This way, it kills two birds with one stone, assuring you of an infection-free and healthy skin.

Jojoba oil is deep acting and cleanses out your pores, pushing clogged dirt up to the surface. When first used, something called “purging” occurs whereby all the non-inflamed acne like whiteheads are brought to the surface. These will pop naturally, releasing pus, bacteria and dirt. Its soothing property can also calm redness on your skin due to acne.

Some Tips

Here are a few tips if you decide to use jojoba oil to treat your acne.

  1. Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser. This will remove any dirt or oil, promoting the absorption of jojoba oil into the pores.
  2. Pet your skin to dry gently and apply jojoba oil immediately after cleansing. Scrubbing too hard might aggravate and further inflame your acne.
  3. Use generous amounts of jojoba oil and apply gently to skin. Overusing might cause your face to look shiny.

Continue for a few weeks and you will see tremendous results. Do not get let down by the purging process. Once that passes, you’ll be glad you found this site! Also since jojoba oil is natural and chemical free, you can be assured your skin is in good hands.